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Ethically made and supporting wildlife conservation around the globe

Image by Yeliz Atici

Wildlife conservation efforts

Creaturely Soap was built on the core mission of raising awareness and funding for critical wildlife conservation efforts worldwide.  10% of the proceeds from each and every sale goes directly to organizations we support that are doing amazing work for wildlife.  Their missions range from wildlife rescue and rehabilitation to habitat preservation and much more.  

Sustainable business practices


Our soaps' ingredients are 100% organic and we opt for fair trade or locally sourced materials whenever possible.  All of our products are palm oil free and biodegradable.  We color our soaps with medicinal botanicals and natural clays, and we scent all of our products using 100% organic essential oils.  All of our products are free of artificial fragrances, colorants, parabens, and SLS.



Our packaging is completely plastic-free.  We use 100% post-consumer paper products to package and protect your soaps.  All of our packaging materials can be composted and recycled, including the tape and shipping labels.


Any soaps that have cosmetic defects that make them unable to be sold are donated to local charities and non-profits in Northern California. 


We offset the environmental impacts of shipping nationwide by donating accordingly to Yolo Re-Oaking, a native oak tree planting project in Central California, making our shipping practices carbon-neutral.


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